Metal Stamping Enclosures

Industrial or Commercial Metal Enclosures

When you need stamped metal enclosures for your industrial or commercial project, you can count on NorPin. We have been manufacturing high-quality metal enclosures with stamping machining for decades, and our team of experts is available to help.

Our metal enclosures are available in various materials, sizes, shapes, and styles and can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Norpin Drawn Seamless Interior of Electrical Conduit Box


Aluminum Enclosures

Our aluminum enclosures are the perfect solution when you need to protect your equipment from the elements. Whether you need a customized aluminum enclosure to fit an existing piece of equipment or a standard-sized enclosure for a new project, we can help.

Among the benefits of choosing an aluminum enclosure from NorPin are:
• Excellent Corrosion Resistance
• Lightweight And Strong
• Highly Customizable
• Cost Effective

For companies and organizations with valuable and sensitive electronics to protect, aluminum electronics enclosures are durable, weatherproof, and offer excellent protection against EMI/RFI. Not surprisingly, weatherproof metal enclosures for electronics are standard in outdoor applications such as telecommunications, traffic control, and monitoring systems.

Small metal enclosures for electronics help protect circuit boards and other sensitive components in a wide range of industries, including:
• Automotive
• Healthcare
• Military and Defense
• Retail


NorPin can provide you with the perfect aluminum electronics enclosure for your needs, whether you need a small, handheld enclosure or a sizeable wall-mounted unit for industrial applications. Our metal enclosure fabrication services are second to none, and we can custom-design an enclosure to meet your unique specifications.

When you need to maintain order, a stainless steel junction box from NorPin is the perfect solution. Our stainless steel junction boxes are available in various sizes, and we can customize them to meet your specific requirements.

Junction boxes help protect electrical connections from dust, moisture, and other environmental hazards. They also provide convenient access to electrical components for maintenance and repair purposes.

Among the benefits of choosing a stainless steel junction box from NorPin are:
• Superior Corrosion Resistance
• Durable And Long Lasting
• Easy To Clean And Maintain
• Highly Customizable

NorPin's stainless steel junction boxes are perfect for use in a wide range of industries, including:
• Food And Beverage Processing
• Pharmaceuticals
• Marine
• Mining

Stainless steel junction boxes are optimal for use in harsh environments where rust, corrosion, and other forms of deterioration can be a problem.

These products get manufactured using 316 stainless steel, which offers superior resistance to these types of degradation. In addition, stainless steel junction boxes could feature sealing gaskets or O–rings to further protect against the ingress of moisture or other contaminants.

Stainless steel junction boxes can provide many years of trouble-free service in even the most challenging applications when adequately installed and maintained.

Standard Single Drawn Rectangular Aluminum Electronics Housing


Deep Drawn Aluminum

We offer a comprehensive range of capabilities for clients who require deep-drawn aluminum enclosures. Our team has the experience and expertise to create custom enclosures that meet your requirements.

Some of the benefits of choosing deep-drawn aluminum enclosures from NorPin include:
• Smooth Walls With No Sharp Edges Or Burrs
• Precise Dimensions
• Minimal Post-Processing
• Excellent Strength-To-Weight Ratio

Aluminum deep drawing is an ideal solution for enclosures that need to be solid and lightweight. In addition, this manufacturing process is often used for products used in harsh environments or exposed to extreme temperatures.

Deep-drawn aluminum is an excellent choice if you need an aluminum enclosure that is both strong and lightweight. This material is ideal for applications with limited space, such as aerospace and medical devices.

At NorPin, we have the experience and expertise to create the perfect deep-drawn aluminum enclosure for your needs. In addition, we can work with you to design a custom enclosure or fabricate a standard enclosure to your specifications.


Custom Sheet Metal Enclosures

We recognize that sometimes a "one-size-fits-all" approach is great for some but not that ideal for others. For this reason, we offer custom sheet metal enclosures. Our team of experts will work with you to design and manufacture an enclosure that meets your specific requirements.

Some of the benefits of choosing a custom sheet metal enclosure from NorPin include:
• Ability To Create Unique Designs
• Wide Range Of Materials Available
• Custom Finishe

A custom sheet metal enclosure is the way to go if you need a specialized enclosure. This option allows you to create an enclosure that meets your specific needs and requirements.

Our custom enclosure fabrication services empower clients to get the precision enclosure they need - even if it is a round metal enclosure! We are ready to tackle metal fabrication projects of all sizes and scopes.


Aluminum PCB Enclosure

An aluminum PCB enclosure is a perfect way to protect your circuit board and other sensitive components. Among the benefits of choosing an aluminum PCB enclosure from NorPin are:
• Excellent Corrosion Resistance
• Lightweight
• Highly Customizable
• Cost-Effective

Aluminum is perfect for protecting circuit boards and other sensitive electronic components. It is lightweight yet strong and highly resistant to corrosion. For industries and businesses that must maintain a budget, aluminum is an excellent and cost-effective choice.

The material provides a high level of protection against physical damage, making it ideal for use in enclosures that will be subject to vibration or impact.

At NorPin, we offer a wide range of aluminum PCB enclosure options. We can also create custom enclosures to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our aluminum PCB enclosures and other metals.


Durability And Sustainability Matter

Our metal enclosures are made from high-quality materials and designed for superior performance. Further, our metal enclosures help reduce the environmental impact of your project.


Discuss Your Aluminum Enclosure Needs With Us

Norpin Manufacturing Company, Inc. is proud to serve industries nationwide with our quality products and services. We have worked with notable clients in various industries, including telecommunications, computer, aerospace, medical, and more.

If you need an aluminum enclosure, NorPin is the perfect partner. We offer a wide range of capabilities and services to meet your needs. You can trust our expert team to design and manufacture a custom enclosure or fabricate a standard enclosure to your specifications.

We help clients across multiple industries, including food and beverage processing, gas and energy, pharmaceuticals, marine, mining, and more. Contact us today to discuss your aluminum enclosure needs. We would be happy to provide a quote for your next project.


Please contact us today if you have questions or want to learn more.

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