Custom Metal Stamping and Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Experts In Custom Metal Stamping

When you need custom metal stamping or sheet metal manufacturing you need Norpin. We are experts in custom metal stamping, sheet metal manufacturing, sheetmetal forming precision metal fabrication parts to millions of precision sheet metal parts. Sheetmetal forming precision metal fabrication parts is ingrained in our business DNA. From our custom tools and dies to the most delicate tolerance requirements, we have the experience and expertise that only a true industry leader can.

Norpin Drawn Seamless Interior of Electrical Conduit Box

No job is too big or small for us. Whether you need one prototype part or millions of production parts, we have the capacity and capability to meet your needs. Our state-of-the-art equipment and access to the latest technology ensure your parts meet or exceed the highest quality standards.

If you need fabricated sheet metal, there is only one name you need to know – Norpin. Don't delay! Start the conversation to discover how we can help with custom components and metal parts for your next project.


Metal Stamping for Custom Applications

Norpin offers the most comprehensive line of metal stamping services, with multiple decades of experience in the industry. We provide various metal stamping options to meet your needs and budget. Our experienced and professional staff works closely with clients to ensure that each project is completed on time and within budget.

Our commitment to quality products at competitive prices and high levels of customer service are among the top reasons we have become the go-to for clients across Massachusetts and beyond.


Sheet Metal Manufacturing In Massachusetts

Sheet metal manufacturing creates sheet metal parts by cutting, bending, and assembling them. This process gets completed using various machines, including our CNC machines, laser cutters, and punch presses.

These tools allow us to create precise cuts and shapes in the metal, which we can use to make the final product. For example, we might use a laser cutter to create intricate designs in the metal or a punch press to create holes or indentations. By combining these different techniques, we can make almost any type of sheet metal part you can imagine.

We can create parts from simple to complex designs. We can also create prototypes and production parts. No matter whether you need a specialized part or a large production run, we can help..


Sheet Metal Prototypes

Are you working on a new product and need sheet metal prototypes? Norpin can help. We have a wide range of machines for prototyping. In addition, we can help with design assistance and assembly.

When prototypes are needed, we recognize that time is of the essence. That's why we provide prompt turnaround times on prototypes. In addition, our custom metal fabrication shop offers competitive pricing to get the required parts without breaking your budget.

So if you need sheet metal prototypes, contact Norpin today. We are happy to explore your project requirements and provide a quote.

Norpin Double Drawn Round Enclosure with Machined Side Wall Slots and Evenly Spaced Thru Holes on Bottom for Mounting


Sheet Metal Parts For Production

Precise measurements are the difference between a good and a great product. For instance, even a tiny variance can cause a part not to fit correctly. The slightest miscalculation or oversight can lead to downtime and expensive repairs.

Norpin has the experience and expertise to ensure that your parts get fabricated with the highest precision. Our machinists are highly skilled with years of experience in the trade. They understand the importance of accuracy and will take the time to ensure that your parts get manufactured correctly.

Our sheet metal fabrication and welding services are ideal for multiple industries, including aerospace, medical, and automotive. We also work with various materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and bronze. So no matter what your needs are, we can help.


Among our services:
• Custom Sheet Metal Enclosures
• Precision Sheet Metal Fab
• Custom Metal Stamping Services
• Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication
• Stainless Steel Sheet Fabrication
• Copper Sheet Metal Fabrication
• Aluminum Sheet Metal Forming
• Small Custom Metal Fabrication
• Sheet Metal Fabrication and Welding
• Sheet Metal Punching Services
• Aircraft Sheet Metal Forming


For instance, sheet metal fabrication and welding are two of our most popular services. However, we can help with other services, such as design assistance and assembly. We work with various materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and bronze.

Contact Norpin today to discuss your sheet metal fabrication needs. Our helpful and friendly customer service representatives are pleased to help.


Custom Metal Fabrication Small Parts

When you need custom metal fabrication small parts, having a trusted partner for the job is essential. At Norpin, we have decades of experience and access to cutting-edge machinery and technologies. No matter what your needs are, we can help.


What Are The Benefits Of A Metal Working Service?

There are many benefits of using a metalworking service. Perhaps the most notable benefit is saving time and money by having someone else do the work for you.

Another benefit of working with a metalworking service provider like Norpin is our clients can be confident that the work gets done accurately. Clients can trust our team of highly skilled machinists who understand the importance of precision.

Another benefit is clients can rely on us for a quick turnaround time for prototypes and production parts. As you might imagine, this benefits companies operating on just-in-time business models or who need to scale quickly and efficiently. Instead of wasting valuable time and resources waiting for parts, our clients enjoy expedited service with a smile.

If you're looking for a metalworking service provider, look no further than Norpin. We have the experience, expertise, and machines to complete your sheet metal project to specification.


Catering To The Needs Of Various Industries

Norpin caters to the needs of various industries. We understand that each industry has its unique requirements. That's why we offer multiple services to meet our client's needs.

help companies and organizations in the aerospace, medical, and automotive industries. Our experience working with various materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and bronze, empowers us to serve clients from different sectors, even with diverse requirements.

Focusing on precision, we can create parts that meet each project's unique needs and requirements. Begin the conversation about your metalworking project by contacting us today.


Please contact us today if you have questions or want to learn more.

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low cost draw die tooling and cnc fixtures for deep drawn aluminum cans

Precision Fabricated Sheet Metal Parts

Did you know that alternative solutions to our seamless metal enclosures are available? Call us for all your fabricated sheet metal manufacturing needs on your next design project.

standard deep drawn metal enclosure catalog

Standard Metal Enclosures Catalog

We have over 25,000+ standard shapes and sizes of deep drawn metal enclosures available with little to no tooling costs.

Custom aluminum, brass, coper, steel, and stainless steel seamless enclosures

Deep Drawn Seamless Enclosures

We can help you engineer your custom deep drawn or fabricated enclosures from start to finish out of materials such as cold rolled steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum and more.

Stainless Steel caps,and drawn enclosure catalog

Stainless Steel & Steel(CRS) Enclosures

We are well known for our quality aluminum enclosures. Did you know? We also specialize in Stainless Steel & Cold Rolled Steel Enclosures. View our catalog or call us today for more information.

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